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PostSubject: NEW [DS] RULES   Thu Jul 26 2012, 10:38

1. XAT chat:

-No insults or abuses of any kind, not even meant as fun.

-No Spamming or flooding the chat with 2 word posts or nonsence posts

-Treat all players/guests and others online with respect

-Have to be registered to get your level on XAT to avoid impersonators.

2. Forums:

-Members/admins have to vote on applications regularly.

-Don't argue with staff above your level,means you can discuss but still have to get along with these decisions.

-Creating Accepted topics or locking applications/presenting results is only for Head Admin and above.

-Owners /Co-Owners are not allowed to take important decisions on their own but have to discuss with other management members before.

-Trial Admins are not allowed to vote on Admin Applications.

-Advertising of any kind will result in Ban and Kick-Out.

-Insulting and/or abusing your powers to play tricks on players or put pressure on them will result in permanent ban.


- Spam with Hydra/Rhino has to be punished by using /jail (currently disabled) or /slap afterwards use /say to give a reason. For members just tell the person to stop in a friendly manner and without caps if no admin online.

-No Insults and abuses of any kind,not even in fun. Can use staff chat or admin chat to insult in fun but be aware some might get your fun wrong.

-No Team-Kill, Car Park, Exploding cars of your own team, No Team Car Jack,admins have to use /warn or /slap on those who break these rules (ban is not appropriate here).

-No command spam of /setskintome or /carcolor.

-No Advertising.

-Be professional and helpful towards players and tell them to use /report command on hackers/rulebreakers.

-Players using s0beit or any other hack programs like Fake Kill or Bot Attack will result in (permanent) Ban.

- /fix and /flip as well as /dscar not allowed on battlefield.

- Admins/members need to cooperate with each other and discuss a case before banning a player soon as higher level admin online he is the one who actually bans the player, admins under level 4 are not allowed to use /banwarn or /kick on a cheater when higher level admin online.

-Members can either use /report command on rulebreakers or just tell admins in staff chat.

-Have to be friendly and helpful towards each other in staff not abusing powers.

-After event have to use /get to get players back to battlefield not /slap or /die.

-Caps not allowed.

-Don't rush management if don't respond just got no time or afk just wait then.

NOTE: Rules are valid with immediate effect all who don't agree with the rules above better to resign now manegement will find out about your attitude anyway.


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PostSubject: Re: NEW [DS] RULES   Thu Jul 26 2012, 10:48

Bro.. can you make this global Announcement[if you wish to..]

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PostSubject: Re: NEW [DS] RULES   Thu Jul 26 2012, 11:44

Excuse me nic , but can you please add No trolling to the rules?
And good job on putting those rules.

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It's nice to be back .

I love duelin, duel me whenever you want.
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PostSubject: Re: NEW [DS] RULES   Thu Jul 26 2012, 16:19

Good JOB

Darn  academics.. Keeps me and DS A little Far Razz

SurprisedRazz[DS]Girmal RazzVery Happy

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PostSubject: Re: NEW [DS] RULES   Thu Jul 26 2012, 17:32

new rules are gr8.


Credits? Me Razz

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PostSubject: Re: NEW [DS] RULES   

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