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 Current Bugs - Bug Hunting Event !

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PostSubject: Current Bugs - Bug Hunting Event !   Tue Aug 06 2013, 01:42

Below you are supposed to post all current Gamemode bugs that you know so I can remove them in the new Gamemode Version 7.5 which be available soon.

Three rules for posting:

1. Don't post a bug that has already been posted before

2. If you want to add something to a bug that has already been reported, quote the person and put your addition under the quote.

3. Don't post native SA-MP bugs which can't be solved by normal PAWN scripters but only by the developers of SA-MP (e.g. When I get carjacked on a mapped object i can run under water etc.)

All Bugs that have been found and confirmed by me will get 50 extra scores and 50000$ ingame money reward !


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PostSubject: Re: Current Bugs - Bug Hunting Event !   Tue Aug 06 2013, 10:09

In the TDM events with RPG and grenades, you get kicked for Ammo Hack.
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Current Bugs - Bug Hunting Event !
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