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 This is aimed at everyone

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PostSubject: This is aimed at everyone   Thu Jun 26 2014, 20:36

To make this short I'm fed up with anykind of fights in this community and all the aggression that is going on here. I simply won't allow it because it's just a fucking game.

Desert Storm was created to bring some fun to all of you, but some of you still think this whole community is only about power and using it. But let me tell you one thing. Everything you're doing here with your "Admin Power" or "Owner Power" will get you anywhere in this world and at last it is no real power (and it doesn't make you strong as a human).

To finish this to both of those who were reinstated lately I'm done with your behavior stop spamming my fucking PM about nonsence and keep your asses out of management issues in my mind you just came back to re-gain some power because yet you've achieved nothing in your real lifes and just came back to feel better. I know you're gonna say "Evil Stormy he insulted me" now that's okay you can do that but you should think about yourselves first. Both of you have never admitted to any mistake but none of you is God and you make mistakes just as other human beings, with the ceratin difference that you'll never admit them. Just now you have done mistakes, but again it's everyone else's fault which is a selfisch and arrogant behavior.


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PostSubject: Re: This is aimed at everyone   Thu Jun 26 2014, 21:09

I agree with you Stormy. I support you in this hard period and i hope the best for Desert Storm for the future because everytime i log in, i'm happy to see my friends and have fun. Don't let Desert Storm die under this, you are the creator and personally i respect and i admire your work for this server. To finish, the pms that you receive are unacceptable and your solution is the only one to take, even if it's bad in your mind.

Yours Sincerely, Kilian.


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PostSubject: Re: This is aimed at everyone   Fri Jun 27 2014, 04:28

Actually i totally respect your opinion about what is the meaning of ''game'' and the reason of creating the server for having some fun not to earn money according to all samp server owners, which always put the money in their first target.

''As you said it's game and it was created for fun not for arguing/fighting and  at the begining you have to achieve something in yourlife , do not let games control your life but you have to control it, we were made owners/admins/members because we really aware about what is the meanig of game, we were else made admins/members to make fun, not to impose control on players but to let you know it's a game and it's not a real war, arguing/insulting with friends/unkown people won't make you hero infront of yourself but it will show how immature you really are, think about your life then come back here to have fun, at last as stormy said '' we are not gods, we are doing mistakes and we will make mistakes because it's the human naute!''

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PostSubject: Re: This is aimed at everyone   

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This is aimed at everyone
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