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 It's stupid so do something

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PostSubject: It's stupid so do something   Wed Jul 02 2014, 17:58

This server 1 became sniper server!
Its just stupid with those nutshots and headshots omg I can't play at all with this server style and skinshot is on? i just heard about it and already hate it Smile can't really evade being shot or my lag is just not there, dude u can shoot 5 minutes some player with big lag and he just fire once at u with sniper or deagle and BUM NUTSHOT or HEADSHOT and ur dead no metter u have full armour and health its just stupid so please remove it or fix it somehow. I know this is way to attract players to play because they feel like bosses around server with deagle and sniper nutshots, its dumb, sorry for language but i feel like it Wink

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It's stupid so do something
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