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PostSubject: Unban?!!?!   Mon Oct 20 2014, 18:17

Hello, I said first I am russian and I am very bad Know english.
Today i was banned, but i dont kwon WHY?!
Please unban.

P.S. - nickname Raul_Diaz

P.S.S. - Please make rusian languege on your server)
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PostSubject: Re: Unban?!!?!   Mon Oct 20 2014, 18:33

you got banned by [DS]Judge for no reload

you can make an unban appeal here: http://desertstorm-gtaclan.privetbb.com/f29-unban-appeals
using this format: http://desertstorm-gtaclan.privetbb.com/t16-unban-format

in russian (in russian with google translate / в России с Google Translate):
Вы были запрещены [DS]Judge ни по перезагрузке

Вы можете сделать разбана привлекательность здесь: http://desertstorm-gtaclan.privetbb.com/f29-unban-appeals
используя этот формат: http://desertstorm-gtaclan.privetbb.com/t16-unban-format


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PostSubject: Re: Unban?!!?!   Mon Oct 20 2014, 19:52

Topic Locked since another topic is running.


I'm currently Active
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PostSubject: Re: Unban?!!?!   

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