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 Unban me Vercetty_XXL

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PostSubject: Unban me Vercetty_XXL   Sat Jan 31 2015, 15:36

In-Game Name: Vercetty_XXL

When banned?: 31/01/2015 at 16:08:01

Banned by who?:Server Anticheat

Banned for what?:Ban Evasion (AC)

Official Entry on Ban Log (optional): http://imgur.com/rdafxmq

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PostSubject: Re: Unban me Vercetty_XXL   Sat Jan 31 2015, 15:46

Here is the link for unbann appeals http://desertstorm-gtaclan.privetbb.com/f29-unban-appeals

And use the correct format

In-Game Name:

When banned?:

Banned by who?:

Banned for what?:

Official Entry on Ban Log (optional)
( please check at http://dssignatures.zz.mu/dsforum/logs/banned.php ):


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Unban me Vercetty_XXL
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