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 [DS]Brazzer66 [DS]Ameen

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PostSubject: [DS]Brazzer66 [DS]Ameen   Fri May 22 2015, 10:32

In game name: BlackOpsPro

What i say: Dude look even when am Shooting look where am aiming even While am shooting i see you near but you see me Far What you want me to proof you more That i Dont have hack or mode or any hacks am new here how i know hacking? Look how am shooting just look, see how am goin That Way cuz i see you Near me but you see me Far and thats why you say i have auto aim <<< omg i dont believe i just yesterday downloaded gta and played online and banned for this Becuase ping and Laggin and you thing am Auto aim. i told you everything what i did what you want me to Do now? Do you want me to proof you a Picture ? Even When i play Games online in blackops 2 they Say am laggin you have 1 bar They kicked me cuz they think me i have godmod , all that Because laggin Ping/Network i know that my network bad cuz am using My phone hotspot i dont have wifi we are not rich. even am using laptap accer Small and laggin game. so that why you blem me hacking? thats so sad Sad
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PostSubject: Re: [DS]Brazzer66 [DS]Ameen   Fri May 22 2015, 19:51

First, use correct format:

Ingame name:

Who are you reporting?:

Evidence, What did he do?:

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PostSubject: Re: [DS]Brazzer66 [DS]Ameen   Mon May 25 2015, 19:22

Player stays BANNED.
Complaint dropped!


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PostSubject: Re: [DS]Brazzer66 [DS]Ameen   

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[DS]Brazzer66 [DS]Ameen
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