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 [Reporting]: con_chuot

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PostSubject: [Reporting]: con_chuot   Wed Sep 02 2015, 14:57

Ingame name: [DS]Vladimer_Vihurin

Who are you reporting?: con_chuot

Evidence, What did he do?: spawn cars, etc)
http://imgur.com/a/l0TlI ([DS]Acid_Force)
http://imgur.com/a/lTOwy ([DS]Vladimer_Vihurin)



[16:22:42] <Acid_Force> {FFAF00}(4){F3FF02} [MOH]{FFFFFF} hacks -_-

[16:22:45] <con_chuot> {FFAF00}(0){FFFFFF} yes

[16:22:50] {F81414}OTTOMAN_TR {F3FF02}has left Desert Storm {F81414}(Quit).
[16:22:55] <con_chuot> {FFAF00}(0){FFFFFF} it cleo


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[Reporting]: con_chuot
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