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 A campaign against war and terrorism [PLEASE READ]

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PostSubject: A campaign against war and terrorism [PLEASE READ]   Tue Apr 05 2016, 11:14

As our server is certainly a war and fighting server, I would like all players and community members to get to know and be aware of the difference between this game and reality.

Therefore, I would need 2-3 members/players/admins (anyone can apply) to create and publish a campaign against war and terrorism. You need to work independently and with own responisibility on this subject.

Some of you might have been experienced war of terrorism before in your real life, so it would be most important to raise some attention at this point.

For those who want to work at this:

- Please collect some information on impacts of war, maybe you can find someone who has actually experienced war in his own country and interview him therefore.

- Make a nice forum thread presenting your results

- Create a banner for our forum main site linking to your page

- All other suggestions are welcome

If you encounter problems while working, feel free to ask me as this theme is very important to me as well.

As Server Owner, it's very important to me that we distance ourselves from propagating war and terrorism in our server, and that this is just a game where you can have a good time. Noone should take seriously what happens in-game.

I think it would be very interesting working on this subject, if you're interested as well please leave a short apply and we'll combine a group working on this subject.

I hope to see some nice applications and good interest in this subject




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A campaign against war and terrorism [PLEASE READ]
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