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 Reporting dk_drift

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PostSubject: Reporting dk_drift   Wed Dec 28 2016, 08:30

Ingame name:Black_Light

Who are you reporting?:dk_drift

Evidence, What did he do?:HH


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PostSubject: Re: Reporting dk_drift   Fri Dec 30 2016, 22:51

The player appears to be bugged in this situation as M4 Grenades do not have any effect on him.

Health loss of M4 Grenades is controlled only by the script and cannot be bypassed by any hacks.
Furthermore he doesn't show physical signs when the grenades explode, e.g. blowing up in the air etc.

Nonetheless, thanks for reporting, the player will be PUT UNDER INVESTIGATION !


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PostSubject: Re: Reporting dk_drift   Sun Jan 01 2017, 16:57

01/01/2017 at 17:55:28


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PostSubject: Re: Reporting dk_drift   

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Reporting dk_drift
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